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For the past 25+ years I've been playing traditional Irish music on a variety of instruments including Uilleann pipes, tin whistle, wooden flute, Anglo concertina, and B/C-tuned button accordion.

Since January 2000, I've co-hosted the weekly Tuesday night Irish session at The Ould Sod in San Diego, CA as well as being in the hosting rotation for the Sunday afternoon session at The Auld Dubliner in Long Beach, CA.

I've played Uilleann pipes and Tin Whistle on the soundtracks for two movies, working with composer Patrick Cassidy: "Kill the Irishman" and "Calvary". I've also done studio recording work for the local Southern California band "Sligo Rags" and others.

In my professional life, I've been a software developer for over 40 years.

In December 2023 I retired as a Senior Systems Architect Emeritus for SmartDraw, working on strategic Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, and OpenAI-related projects.

At SmartDraw, I was the lead developer of SmartDraw and VisualScript add-ins for Atlassian Confluence and Jira, both Cloud and Server as well as a senior developer on the SmartDraw Cloud team.

Before coming to SmartDraw in 2012, from 1990 until 2012, I developed Windows video capture and Microsoft Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) kernel-mode device drivers for chipmaker Conexant Systems.

In additional to working as an software developer for other companies, I also have developed a whole family of traditional musical instrument mobile apps for iOS and Android under my AppCordions brand as well as a comprehensive web-based ABC notation editor, available at: Michael Eskin's ABC Transcription Tools.

Demo Reel

My Resume

I'm always open to the possibility of working on interesting software projects.

Click here for my employment resume page:

Michael's Resume

AppCordions Traditional Musical Instrument Apps

Since 2011, under my AppCordions brand, I've been developing a series of traditional musical instrument apps for accordions, concertinas, Uilleann bagpipes, and hammered dulcimers.

Click here for more information:


ABC Transcription Tools

ABC Transcription Tools is a free, web-based, open-source tool I built for converting music in ABC and MusicXML format to standard notation and tablature.

It runs 100% client-side in your browser. You can even copy the source code from GitHub (link in the User Guide) and run it locally on your computer. No server required.

You can play the tunes, even including backup bass and chords, with any of over 500 different instrument sounds as well as practice tunes using the built-in "Tune Trainer".

This tool can generate standard music notation from ABC and MusicXML files, play tunes with multiple instruments, show note names along with notation, transpose tunes to any key, and create tablature for Mandolin, GDAD Bouzouki, CGDAE Mandolin, Standard Guitar, DADGAD guitar, Mountain Dulcimer, Ukulele, B/C or C#/D Button Accordion, Anglo Concertina, Tin Whistle (D), and even traditional Chinese Dizi bamboo flutes in multiple keys.

The rendered tune audio from the player can be saved as .wav or .mp3 files.
You can also export all your tunes in a collection at once to .mp3 format.

Tunes can also be exported as MIDI files.

It can generate PDF tunebooks (Letter or A4 size) in tune-per-page or multiple-tunes-per-page formats with many options for adding a title page, hyperlinked table of contents and/or index, page numbers, page headers and footers, playback and other hyperlinks, or even include a QR code for sharing the set at the end of the tunebook.

Try it out here:

ABC Transcription Tools

Check out the User Guide:

ABC Transcription Tools User Guide

Tunebooks Created with My ABC Transcription Tools

Various PDF tunebooks created with my ABC Transcription Tools:

Tunebooks Created with My ABC Transcription Tools

Resources for Irish Button Accordion Players

One of my recent projects has been writing up tune transcriptions for B/C button box complete with bass and chord indications for players learning to play the bass side.

I also have available several tunebooks in B/C and C#/D tablature for newer players.

Click here for more information:

Resources for Irish Button Accordion Players

Music Class Recordings, Videos, and Books For Sale

I have several tin whistle tune class recordings, instructional videos, and Irish button accordion related products for sale

Click here for more information:

 My Instructional Books, Videos, and Recordings

The Ould Sod Pub Session

Starting in January 2000, fiddler George Rubsamen and I have been co-hosting the Tuesday night open traditional Irish session at The Ould Sod Pub in San Diego.

 The Ould Sod Traditional Irish Session

The Ould Sod Virtual Session on Zoom

Since March 2020, I've been hosting an open session on Zoom, currently held the first Thursday night of each month from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific. (9:00 PM - 11:00 PM Eastern)

Click here for the Zoom meeting link and more information:

 The Ould Sod Virtual Session on Zoom

Learning Tunes by Ear Using Transcribe

Here's my detailed process for learning tunes by ear:

Learning Tunes by Ear Using Transcribe

Creating PDF Tune Transcriptions Using Transcribe

Here's my detailed process for creating notation transcriptions of tunes:

Creating PDF Tune Transcriptions Using Transcribe

iPad-based Zoom Audio Processor

Being on Zoom all the time, I really wanted the best possible sound quality for both voice and instruments, so I put together a flexible iPad-based audio processor:

Click here for more information:

iPad-based Zoom Audio Processor


I put together as a "text board" to allow me to quickly copy and paste text into the chat on Zoom meetings by just clicking buttons on a web page

It's very easy to customize the source code to create your own Zoombuttons board

Zoombuttons source on GitHub

John Whelan's "Taking Time" Session Recordings Archive

John Whelan's "Taking Time" session recordings from 2020-2022:

John Whelan's "Taking Time" Sessions Recording Archive

Riggy Rackin - "Jews in Irish Music"

In September 2021, I had the honor of being included in
Riggy Rackin's "Jews in Irish Music" project

Click here to visit Riggy Rackin's "Jews in Irish Music" project

My page is here, has the whole crazy story of how I got into playing traditional Irish music:

My page in "Jews in Irish Music"

Unsolicited Testimonials

"Thank you for hosting the Whistle Workshop earlier this week on Monday evening. It was a delight!

The educator in me wants to over-analyze everything you did that set us up for success together, and provide feedback. I really appreciated how smoothly you led the group and facilitated great thinking for each of us and all of us at the same time. Thank you for taking the (important) time to let us get to know each other a bit in the beginning, that helped remove a lot of the pressure or nerves for participating in an online forum.

You lead us through a great balance of playing/listening, as well as philosophical conversations regarding playing, sessions, etc. And, you honored the journey that each of us is on, while also acknowledging none of us is ever at the end—modeling a humble and healthy growth mindset. As I mentioned, I trained classically at a Conservatory, and the politics of that environment is in such stark contrast to my experiences so far in the folk music community—and a welcome and warm contrast! The conversational nature of your workshop felt appropriate as a coming together of minds to celebrate and enjoy Irish trad music and whistle techniques. I am grateful for the experience, and would be interested in attending a future event.


-Jake Edward

"Thank you so much for the masterclass!

I really enjoyed it and find your humility refreshing. I learned a lot.

Would love to do some lessons with you if you have availability. I'm planning to join the session tomorrow night as well.

Thank you!!"

- David Renfro

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