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This ABC to notation converter was developed by Michael Eskin.

Full project source may be found on: GitHub.

Try it out here: ABC Transcription Tools.

ABC Tune Search Engine
for Gavin Heneghan's 20,000+ Tune Database

1) Enter the text you are looking for in the search box.

The search engine will return all tunes that include your text anywhere in the tune name.

2) If you only want to return versions that include chords, check "Only return tunes with chords?"

3) Click "Search".

If found, the ABC for any matching tunes will appear in the "Search Results" box.

4) Save, Copy or Send the search results:

Click "Save Results to a file" to save the results to a file.

Click "Copy Results to the clipboard" to copy the results to the system clipboard for pasting into other applications.

Click "Send Results to the ABC Transcription Tools" to send the search results directly to my ABC Transcription Tools.

Search for text in the tune name:  

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Search Results:

Additional Sources for Tunes in ABC Format

The Session - Jeremy Keith's legendary site with thousands of tunes in multiple versions.

Folk Tune Finder - Joe Wass' full featured tune search engine with simple ABC pattern search.

The Reverend's ABC Tune Search - Pete Strickler's full featured tune search engine.

ABC Notation - Has a vast number of linked sites with collections of ABC files. It also has a tune search engine.

JC's ABC Tune Finder - John Chamber's comprehensive search engine for tunes.

Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes - A massive collection of tunes for traditional Irish and Swedish music.

Additional Sources for Tunes in MusicXML Format

MScoreLib - Music Library in MusicXML - A huge collection of classical pieces in MusicXML format.

Music in MusicXML - Links to several large collections of music in MusicXML format.

ABC Specification

The full specification for ABC notation can be found at:

The ABC Music Standard 2.1 (Dec 2011)

ABC 2.1 Quick Reference Card

Download this handy ABC 2.1 Quick Reference Card put together by Stephen Merrony:

ABC Quick Reference Card