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This ABC to notation converter was developed by Michael Eskin.

Full project source may be found on: GitHub.

Try it out here: ABC Transcription Tools.

Getting Started with ABC

ABC Notation - Has links to many tutorials and videos on getting started with using ABC notation.

Sources for Tunes in ABC Format

The Session - Jeremy Keith's legendary site with thousands of tunes in multiple versions.

Folk Tune Finder - Joe Wass' full featured tune search engine with simple ABC pattern search.

The Reverend's ABC Tune Search - Pete Strickler's full featured tune search engine.

ABC Notation - Has a vast number of linked sites with collections of ABC files. It also has a tune search engine.

JC's ABC Tune Finder - John Chamber's comprehensive search engine for tunes.

Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes - A massive collection of tunes for traditional Irish and Swedish music.

"Bill Black's Mostly Gems Old & New" - A lovely collection of several hundred original tunes written by Bill Black.

Bagpipes Tunes - Over 5500 tunes for the Great Highland Bagpipe in BWW format.

Additional Sources for Tunes in MusicXML Format

MScoreLib - Music Library in MusicXML - A huge collection of classical pieces in MusicXML format.

Music in MusicXML - Links to several large collections of music in MusicXML format.

ABC Specification

The full specification for ABC notation can be found at:

The ABC Music Standard 2.1 (Dec 2011)

ABC 2.1 Quick Reference Card

Download this handy ABC 2.1 Quick Reference Card put together by Stephen Merrony:

ABC Quick Reference Card