ABC Transcription Tools Support

This ABC to notation converter was developed by Michael Eskin.

Full project source may be found on: GitHub.

Try it out here: ABC Transcription Tools.

If you have a problem with the ABC Transcription Tools on a specific tune or tune set:

First generate a Share URL for the problematic tune or tune set by first clicking on the "Show Sharing" button below the ABC text area (outlined in the image below):

This will bring up the Share URL text box.

Click "Copy Share URL" to grab the complete Share URL text shown in the text box and paste it into an email and send it to me:

Click here to email me an ABC Tools Support Request

With that Share URL, I'll be able to see exactly what you're seeing in the tool.

Note: If you see a message in the Share URL box that the share link is too long, you may have to reduce the amount of ABC until the share link can be less than 8000 characters long.

Make Sure You Are Running The Latest Version

If you aren't seeing the latest features, make sure you have the latest version of the code by clearing your browser cache or doing a force reload on the converter page.

Known Issues and Limitations

The working status spinner keeps spinning forever and my tunes never show up.

If you have hundreds of tunes and not a fast computer, it might just be taking a long time.

The first time you load the ABC tunebook source, it has to render all the tunes one time, then it only renders the tune actively being worked on.

If it really seems like the rendering is not happening:

In my experience, it is most likely you have an unclosed chord or chord-like annotation somewhere in the ABC that uses a double-quote: " and there is no closing double quote.

Make sure that all your ABC tags are properly formed and that any of my private comment-based PDF annotation are properly formatted.

Check that there are no empty lines in the middle of tunes, that will also mess up the ABC renderer.

Safari Rendering Issues

Occasionally, desktop Safari on Mac renders some ornamentation like grace notes incorrectly.

If this happens, try using Chrome or Firefox instead. No fix at this time.

URL Query String Length Limitations

The URL sharing feature uses URL query strings to send the ABC data and settings. There may be a browser-specific limit for how long one of these strings can be.

If the share link is longer than 8100 characters, you will get a message suggesting sharing fewer tunes.

Typically 10-15 two-part tunes should work for URL sharing with no problem.

Reading the QR Codes

All devices should easily be able to read the simpler QR codes generated for sets of one to three tunes.

It appears that most iOS devices are able to read even the most complex QR codes generated by this tool using the built-in Camera app

Some Android devices may have trouble reading the most complex codes with their built-in Camera app.

I suggest trying the free Google Lens app, available on the Google Play Store:

Google Lens

For older devices one user recommended this free app from the Google Play Store:

Xing Barcode Scanner

He says you should specifically put the Xing app in QR code detection mode, not automatic mode.

New Feature Requests

I'm always interested in any suggestions and ideas for new features or enhancements!

Click here to email me a feature suggestion.

or manually copy and paste my email into your email program: