ABC Transcription Tools Credits and Thanks

This ABC to notation converter was developed by Michael Eskin.

Full project source may be found on: GitHub.

Try it out here: ABC Transcription Tools.

Open Source Info:

The converter uses open source Javascript libraries and forks of other projects:

Jens Wollschlager's ABC Transposer was the initial inspiration for the development of this tool.

abcjs by Paul Rosen and Gregory Dyke to convert abc to sheet music.

html-to-image is used to prepare the html sheet music for PDF conversion.

jsPDF is used to actually create the PDF.

Tin Whistle Fingering Font by Paul Merke is used to generate the whistle tabs.

qrcode.js is used to generate the QR codes.

lz-string.js is used to for LZW compression of the tunes for share links.

xml2abc.js is used to for converting MusicXML format to ABC.

abc2xml is used for the ABC format to MusicXML transcoding Python web service.

Music21 is used for the MIDI to MusicXML transcoding Python web service.

jszip.js is used to unzip compressed .mxl files.

lame.js is used to for converting .wav format to .mp3.

umute.js is used to for fixing the iOS tab switch audio mute issue.

MuseScore General is the basis for the rendered MuseScore soundfont.

midi2abc is used for the standalone MIDI to ABC transcoding.

bww2abc by Jean-Francois Moine is used for BWW to ABC conversion under a GPL3+ license.

Title Caps by John Resig is used for MusicXML title generation.

This product includes DayPilot Modal for modal dialog replacements.

Ui icons created by PDF and Karacis - Flaticon.

Options icon by Marie Van den Broeck from Noun Project (CC BY 3.0)

Anglo Concertina fingering solution and ABC parsing methods used by the tab injectors originally developed by Jim Van Donsel. Tune Collection by Tom Wyllie, used for the search engine, used under GPL3 licensing.

Bodhran Samples by Bosone used under CC BY-NC 4.0 licensing.

Irish Bouzouki (Kontakt Sample Instrument) by Eamon Coughlan (sampled from an instrument built by Daniel Hoban) used as the basis for the Irish Bouzouki 2 instrument.

Arachno Soundfont used under a variety of non-commercial use licenses.

Without these free open-source resources this project would not have been possible.

Project Contributors:

Thank you to Philip McGarvey for the share link export feature addition!

Thank you to Gavin Heneghan for allowing me to use his 20,000+ tune database for the tune search page.

Thank you to Matteo Brusa for prototyping work on the key/mode aware MIDI input system.

Thank you to Ben Hockenberry for contributing to the Bodhran backing track templates