Generate ABC Transcription Tools Share Link

Sample Code for 3rd Party Developers

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1) Click "Open an existing .ABC file" to open a file or paste one or more ABC tunes into the box below.

2) Choose your desired tablature display option from the "Tablature options" dropdown menu.

3) If you want to have the Player in the tool automatically open when a user opens the Share Link, check the "Add Auto-Play to Share Link" checkbox.

4) Click "Generate Share Link".

The generated share link will appear in the "Generated Share Link" box.

5) Save, Copy or Test the results:

Click "Save Output to a file" to save the results to a file.

Click "Copy Output to the clipboard" to copy the results to the system clipboard for pasting into other applications.

Click "Test Output in the ABC Transcription Tools" to open and test the Share Link in my ABC Transcription Tools

ABC Input:

Tablature options:  

  Add Auto-Play to Share Link

Generated Share Link:

Complete source code for this utility may be found on GitHub

Generate ABC Transcription Tools Share Link on Github