Tunes Commonly Played at The Ould Sod Session


The Shaskeen

Lady on the Island

The Spike Island Lasses

Beare Island

Green Mountain

The Gooseberry Bush

The Hunter's Purse

The Earl's Chair

The Woman of the House

The Otter's Holt


Palmer's Gate

The Virginia

Musical Priest

Toss the Feathers in D mix and E dorian

The Congress

Trip to Nenagh


The New Policeman

The Merry Blacksmith

Cup of Tea

Aggie White's

The Noisy Curlew

The Curlew

Dr. Gilberts

Maudabawn Chapel

Fergal O'Gara

Gravel Walks

The Congress

The Reconciliation

The Morning Thrush

The Launching of the Boat

The Boys of Ballisodare

Killarney Boys of Pleasure

The Moving Cloud

Lucy Campbell

The Bucks of Oranmore

The Green Fields of Rossbeigh

The Log Cabin

The Torn Jacket

The Miliner's Daughter

Swinging on a Gate

The Knotted Cord

The Bag of Spuds

Pigeon on the Gate

The Drunken Landlady

The Peeler's Jacket

The Flogging Reel

Tom Billy's

The Twelve Pins

The Bank of Ireland

Old/New Copperplate

Trip to Durrow

Rakish Paddy

Over the Moor to Maggie

The Wind that Shakes the Barley

The Piper's Despair

Father Kelly's

The Silver Spear

The Old Torn Petticoat

The Hunter's Purse


Mayor Harrison's Fedora

The Cameronian

Rakish Paddy

Maids of Mt. Kisco

The Banshee

The Famous Ballymote



The Sporting Pitchfork

The Rambling Pitchfork

Rose in the Heather

The Munster Jig

The Humours of Lisheen

Jim Ward's

The Woman in the Big House

The Maid at the Spinning Wheel

The Humours of Ballyloughlin

Cherish the Ladies

The Diplodicus

The Cat's Meow

Trip to Sligo

Tripping up the Stairs



The Rolling Waves

Out on the Ocean

Dr. O'Neill

The Maho Snaps

The Frieze Britches

Gallagher's Frolics

Strike the Gay Harp

Lark in the Morning

Queen of the Rushes

Banish Misfortune

The Coolea

Hawthorne Hedge

Saddle the Pony

Out on the Road

The Fly in the Porter

Cook in the Kitchen

I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave

The Coach Road to Sligo

Garret Barry's Jig

Willie Coleman's

Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife

Morrisson's Jig

Langstrom's Pony

The Coming of Spring

The Stormy Night


Slip Jigs

The Choice Wife

Kid on the Mountain

The Butterfly

Garech's Wedding

Moll Roe

Hardiman the Fiddler

Fig for a Kiss



Boys of Bluehill

Rights of Man

Chief O'Neill's

Harvest Home


The Stage Hornpipe

The Peacock's Feather (Dm/Dmaj)

Golden Eagle


Horse Keane's

The Factory Smoke

The Smell of the Bog

Pol Ha'penny



Lucy Farr's

The Chaffpool Post Office

The Belle of the Faire



Set Dances

The Blackbird

Humours of Bandon + The Three Sea Captains

The Ace and Deuce of Pipering